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Nutritional and Lifestyle Counselling

Dr. Dabbagh, ND understands that there is a strong correlation between your diet and your health. Your body requires a variety of nutrients to support healthy system functions. Many medical conditions can be treated with effective dietary changes. Nutritional counseling also aids in determining any food sensitivities you may have. Using current research, therapeutic dosages of nutrients, careful, high quality supplementation and guidelines for a healthy and tailored diet, Dr. Dabbagh, ND can help your body function at its best. Everything you do in your life, the habits you form, the choices you make, and your sleeping patterns can all have a tremendous impact on your health. Dr. Dabbagh, ND works with you to determine how your current lifestyle is impacting you and help you address the parts that are hindering your optimal health. Lifestyle counseling can provide guidance with your day-to-day choices that benefit your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. 

Supplement Regimens and Vitamin B12 injections

Dr. Dabbagh, ND understands that there is a strong correlation between your diet and your health. Your body requires a variety of nutrients to support healthy system functions. Injecting vitamins into the body is one way to deliver those necessary vitamins which achieves quicker results. Vitamin B12 helps with increasing energy levels, regulating mood, essential in fertility, and many more conditions. There are many forms of Vitamin B12s and each has its uses.  Book a complimentary Consult with Dr. Dabbagh, ND to find out if Vitamin B12 injections are right for you.

Laboratory and Food Sensitivity Testing 

Many of the conventional medical laboratory tests are used by Dr. Dabbagh, ND to help diagnose and manage the patients’ health. Many health issues including system imbalances can be used to detect diseases in their early stages. Dr. Dabbagh, ND collaborates closely with other healthcare providers including conventional medical doctors. If you have had any medical laboratory or imaging testing done with other healthcare providers then bring the results with you on your initial visit for a more comprehensive assessment of your case. Dr. Dabbagh, ND might opt to requisition lab tests for you when she deems it necessary in helping you figure out the root cause of your health issues.

Hormone Testing and PAP Smears

Hormones have major effects on your mental, physical and emotional health including controlling your appetite, weight, mood, water retention, sex drive, immunity and a whole slew of other processes in your body. Any hormonal imbalances in your body will bring on symptoms and issues that will hold you back from enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Dabbagh, ND has extra training in Prescribing and Therapeutics of hormones and knows how important hormonal balance in the body can impact your daily life.

Women who are seeking to get a screening PAP smear are encouraged to book an initial appointment before a PAP smear is performed. 

Food Sensitivity Testing

All the foods you eat affect your health: make sure it is a positive one! A lot of people come into the office with symptoms that they've struggled with all their lives and haven't figured out how to improve. Food sensitivity testing is one way to try to piece out that puzzle and help direct you to where you need to pay attention in your diet. It is important to remember that this test can only be interpreted in conjunction with other tests and after a full physical exam has been performed. It is very common to prescribe elimination and challenge diets in order to pinpoint problematic foods in your case.

Asian Medicine

Asian Medicine principles rely on the idea that energy, called Qi (pronounced "chee"), flows through channels in your body called meridians. When that energy is out of balance or blocked, it can cause health issues and illness. Your body is a fully connected system that needs to work as a whole for your body to function in good health. Asian medicine also embraces the balancing of yin and yang, two opposite phenomena in the body. This is very synonymous with the western medicine of the neuromuscular (neurons and muscles) and dermatomal (neurons and skin) systems in the body. Asian Medicine encompasses Acupuncture, moxabustion (moxa), and cupping.


Over 90% of Dr. Dabbagh's, ND patients receive acupuncture as part of their treatment plan because of the tremendous success and benefits it has on their health. Acupuncture is very effective in many health conditions including fertility, fatigue, headaches and migraines, sleep, weight loss aid, hormonal regulation aid, smoking cessation, muscle and joint pain management, gastrointestinal concerns, respiratory issues, and many more. Another modification to Acupuncture is when the needles are attached to an electrical source where the points are stimulated for an added benefit.

Moxabustion (moxa)

Moxabustion (moxa) is a form of  traditional Asian medicine and involves the application of heat to acupuncture points and other areas of the body to treat and prevent health conditions. The purpose of moxa is to strengthen the blood, stimulate Qi (energy) flow, and maintain general health. Moxa is made from the herb mugwort or chinese wormwood 9Artemisia Vulgaris).


Cupping involves applying a depressurized cup to the skin so that the skin and superficial muscle layers are down into the cup cavity. Cupping can be used on various part of the body and can treat many conditions. After cupping, there will be stagnation or bruising ranging from red to purple, which eventually disappear in a few days. Cupping has many uses including promoting the flow of energy, warms, moves and unblocks Qi in the channels, treats local congestion, and diminishes swelling and pain. 

Botanical and Herbal Medicine

Various plants and herbs have well known healing properties and can improve your health in various ways. Natural remedies can take many forms, either ingested as supplements, taken as teas, or applied to the skin. Dr. Dabbagh, ND has a strong understanding of the pharmacology and actions of herbs/botanicals and the possible herb-drug interactions to safely address your health concerns. Naturopathic medicine blends traditional practices with modern research-based science to treat and prevent health concerns.

Physical Medicine

Dr. Dabbagh, ND uses orthopedic tests, hydrotherapy, and naturopathic body adjustments to correct for structural, or postural imbalances and education on corrective and preventative exercises if needed. Physical medicine can help alleviate physical discomfort and pain and help you live a healthier lifestyle with better quality of life.

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