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“The groundwork for all happiness is good health.” – Leigh Hunt
Dr. Marwa Dabbagh, ND: About Me

I have been a registered and licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario since 2014. I have completed my four year degree in biomedical sciences with a biology minor at the University of Waterloo before pursuing my four year degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). The foundation of my treatment plans addresses the root cause of disease by acknowledging the interdependence of the body, mind, and soul. I have a family health practice with special focus on woman’s health, weight management, digestive disorders, stress & anxiety, low energy, poor sleep, pain management, and infertility. I use an evidence-based approach in my practice along with clinical nutrition, diet & lifestyle counselling, botanical medicine, acupuncture and Asian medicine, and physical manipulation to help my patients reach their goals.


When I’m not busy helping my patients achieve their best health, I practice yoga and meditation and spend my time at the gym. I’m an avid nature, dance, food, and family lover. I lead an active lifestyle and love to share my healthy tips on diet and exercise through my social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Naturopathic Doctors

The Naturopathic Medical practice is regulated under the Regulated Health Practitioners Act (RHPA) and the profession’s associated Ontario provincial regulating college. Similar to other family doctors, a registered Naturopathic Doctor must have at least 7 years of postsecondary education and training. This includes completion of 3 or more years of pre-medical sciences at a University followed by completion of 4 years post-graduate training at an accredited Naturopathic Medical School. Naturopathic medical education includes basic and diagnostic sciences: anatomy, clinical physiology, biochemistry, pathology, embryology, immunology, pharmacology, physical and clinical diagnosis, and lab diagnosis. Dr. Dabbagh, ND uses both conventional and naturopathic treatments to improve patients’ health and prevent disease. Licensed and registered Naturopathic Doctors complete multi-step standardized North American Board and licensing exams and maintain good standing by acquiring continuing education credits. Dr. Dabbagh, ND collaborates closely with other practitioners by consultation and referral.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a unique primary healthcare system that uses scientific medical knowledge along with natural forms of therapies and medicines to diagnosis, treatment, and prevent diseases. The purpose of Naturopathic medicine is to stimulate the innate healing power of the body and address the root cause of illness. Dr. Marwa Dabbagh’s, ND main focus of the therapies is on the promotion of wellness and prevention of illness or disease. Dr. Dabbagh, ND believes each individual is unique and therefore each treatment plan should be tailored to that patient and his/her specific health concerns. The treatments address both acute and chronic conditions however most treatment plans are long-term and life-long as preventative medicine and healthy lifestyle is emphasized.


Naturopathic Medicine relies on 6 principles of healing:


  1. First do no harm (Primum Non Nocere)

  2. The healing power of nature (Vis Mediatrix Naturae)

  3. Identify and treat the cause of disease (Tolle Causam)

  4. Treat the whole person through individualized treatment (Tolle Totum)

  5. The physician as a teacher (Docere)

  6. Prevention: Prevention is the best cure

Naturopathic Medical Modalities
  • Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements

  • Botanical Medicine and Herbs

  • Acupuncture and Asian Medicine

  • Healthy lifestyle counseling and Self-care

  • Physical medicine and Spinal Manipulation

  • Certain prescribed drugs

  • Homeopathy

“Prevention is better than cure.” – Desiderius Erasmus
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