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Dedicated to Helping You Achieve Your Best Health

My mission is to guide and support you through your health journey by using natural modalities to tailor programs to help you reach your health goals.

Meet the Doctor! 

15 - minute complimentary Visit

Dr. Marwa Dabbagh, ND offers a 15 minute complimentary consult for all new prospective patients! Book a free visit with Dr. Dabbagh, ND to learn more about how Naturopathic medicine can help you improve your health concerns before committing to any treatment plan.


Please Note: this session will not provide any official diagnosis or specific treatment recommendations – it is solely for informational purposes and for the individual to meet the practitioner.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Counselling, Custom Meal Planning, Vitamin B12 Injections, Acupuncture, Electro-Stim. Acupuncture, Moxa, Lymphatic drainage/ muscle Cupping, Laboratory and in-Clinic Tests and PAP smears, Food Sensitivity Testing, Botanical and Herbal Medicine, Physical Medicine.
My philosophy is simple: You deserve the best health services delivered by an expert who understands your needs and provides you with tools to be your best self.
My wide range of services provide you with the tools to address the root cause of your symptoms. Natural modalities are gentle and effective when used by an expert to help you achieve your goals.
Click on the button below to learn more about the services offered by Dr. Dabbagh.
Areas of Expertise
Weight Loss, Healthy diet and Digestion, Hormone Balancing, Women's Health,  Progressive Natural Fertility Programs, Natural Pain Management, Integrative smoking cessation
You deserve an expert who has years of experience helping clients get the results they're looking for and feel healthier. Dr. Dabbagh has developed effective programs to support you through your journey and monitor your health. The goal of each of these programs is to provide you with the necessary resources so that eventually you are able to make lifelong healthy lifestyle and diet choices.
Areas of Expertise
Contact Me
My Naturopathic Medical Practice is located in downtown Kitchener at the corner of Charles St. and Water St. across from the Manulife building.
Green Base Health
22 Water St. South
Kitchener, N2G 4K4

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